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Our people are our best asset. 

The Parkside Spa Team is made up of a full range of talent. We’re proud to have distinguished experts in Registered Massage Therapy, Sports Massage and Esthetics. Come and meet our team!

Carrie Rees

Carrie Rees


The Parkside Spa - Team - Taylor McLeod - Spa Supervisor

Taylor Guthrie


The Parkside Spa - Team - Renata Malota - Spa Receptionist



Nicole Johnson


The Parkside Spa - Team - Karen Dawson - Registered Massage Therapist

Karen Dawson


Nicole Minnes


Laura Young


Indyana Fenner


The Parkside Spa - Team - Kim Dang - Spa Therapist

Kim Dang




What Our Guests Are Saying

Be Good To You

Let our therapists help restore your natural harmony of wellness and beauty.

TayLor Guthrie

Role: Spa Supervisor
Education: being in the Salon and Spa industry for 8+ years 
Favorite thing about working in the spa industry: seeing people relaxed and happy
Favorite spa treatment to receive: facials 
Favorite form of self care: doing a face masque
Favorite product: Eminence’s Clear Skin Cleanser
Hobbies & interests: painting, hiking, reading, beach days!
Favorite food: breakfast! especially peanut butter!


Karen Dawson

Role: Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)
Education: Massage Therapy Diploma (2011)
Favorite thing about working in the spa industry: The calm environment, the world around is so hectic and busy that I find the peaceful space within the Spa reminds me to stay calm and grounded
Favorite spa treatment to give: Deep Tissue Massage
Favorite spa treatment to receive: An Eminence facial
Favorite product: Eminence’s Bamboo Firming Fluid
Hobbies & interests: Throwing rocks with my son at the beach, sharing deep belly laughs with good friends, cultivating my houseplant collection, travelling
Favorite food : Anything from the vegetable family, especially if it’s the in the form of a multicolored salad
Something else you want your clients to know about you: I was drawn to this career for the flexibility but have stayed because, in a world where there is so much negativity and stress, it’s a really special thing to leave a positive impression on someone’s day.

Laura Young

Role: Spa Therapist 
Education: 2014 Graduate of the Esthetics and Spa Therapy program at Fleming College, ON. Starting Registered Massage Therapy training at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in January 2020. 
Favorite spa treatment to give: Detoxifying Back Treatment and Relaxation Massage 
Favorite spa treatment to receive: Island Glow (Body Wrap + Facial) 
Favorite form of self care: A warm bath with essential oils, and cup of herbal tea, and one of my favourite Eminence masques! 
Favorite product: Eminence’s Eight Greens Hot Masque
Hobbies & interests: Hiking, Camping, Playing Guitar, Travelling, and Astrology 
Favorite movie/band/food: Breakfast Club, Taylor Swift, and Sushi 
Something else you want your clients to know about you: I’m passionate about using high quality, organic products while providing luxurious and refreshing treatments to my clientele, and dedicated to insuring each guest has a relaxing, rejuvenating, and memorable experience when they visit us at the Parkside Spa.

Kim dang

Role: Spa Therapist
Education: Language Education College, Camosun College Culinary Arts Diploma, Diploma of Skin Care and Massage Therapy from Aveda Institute
Specialty:  Facials, body treatments and massage
Favorite spa treatment to give:  Facials and the R & R package 
Favorite product: Eminence Wild Plum Eye Cream, Firm Skin Acai Moisturizer
Favorite movie: Classic movies, like Gone with the Wind
Favorite books: traveling books, cooking books, love story books
Favorite food: Italian food, French cuisine, Japanese food, and authentic Asian cuisine  

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