Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition

Our Philosophy

The Whole Story

Our philosophy is centered in gaining an understanding of the whole story of each individual and utilizing that knowledge to create unique and highly personalized plans.

After completing an in-depth history, interpreting symptoms, and talking about goals for the future, our holistic nutritionist will observe any areas of the body where there could be an imbalance.

Striving to restore harmony to get back to living happy and healthy lives is the aim for every client.

We want you to feel empowered to take an active role in your health and wellness to create long-term, sustainable change. Whether that is simply to create healthier habits, or more to reach weight loss goals, our team wants to help you reach your optimal health. 

We are passionate about whole foods and the power they have to increase vitality and promote overall wellness.

Our Holistic Nutritionist

The Parkside Spa - Team - Sabrina Zezza - Spa Therapist

Sabrina Zezza

Sabrina earned her Certificate of Holistic Nutrition at Pacific Rim College in 2014.

After completing the most comprehensive Holistic Nutrition program in Canada, with over 400 hours of clinical experience, she received her diploma of Holistic Nutrition in 2018. She is a member of the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners (CANNP) and is certified as a Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner. She has studied traditional methods of healing such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In addition to gaining knowledge about whole food nutrition, she has also learned the medicinal uses of food according to various cultures and the use of foods to maintain health and restore wellness.

Sabrina strives to empower and educate clients how to:

Better understand their relationship with food

Learn their internal signals of hunger, fullness and satisfaction

Restore their connection with whole food nutrition

Nutrition Services

Initial Consultation

*90 minutes includes a 60 minute initial consultation + 30 minute follow up.

The in-depth initial consultation is 60 minutes and will dive into health history, daily habits, current lifestyle, health concerns, and goals for the future. Consultation will focus on uncovering any signs of nutritional deficiencies, imbalances in the body, and areas to improve vitality. After the Initial Consultation you’ll receive primary recommendations. In the Follow Up you’ll receive a personalized nutrition plan developed using aspects of nutrition therapy, Ayurvedic medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, and supplement therapy. The plan will include dietary and lifestyle recommendations, suggested supplements (if any), resources and recipes. Follow-up appointment is recommended 2 – 4 weeks after the Initial Consultation.

*Follow ups can occur in person or by phone. If you are unable to do either, your plan can be sent via email.

90 minutes $150

Follow Up

Opportunity to make significant adjustments to your original plan. Time allotted for questions, discussion, and more comprehensive guidance.

*Follow ups can occur in person or by phone. If you are unable to do either, your updated or modified plan can be sent via email.

60 mins $100

Follow Up

Opportunity to check in and discuss progress, what’s working and what’s not, and receive additional recommendations and resources. Changes based on needs or building on the original plan can be completed during a follow-up.

*Follow ups can occur in person or by phone. If you are unable to do either, your updated or modified plan can be sent via email.

30 mins $60

7-Day Meal Plan

Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack planning. Recipes included.

*Requires completion of initial consultation.

- $85

Glowing Skin Package

Currently Unavailable. 60 minute Initial Holistic Nutrition Consultation, a 30 minute follow up with a focus on targeting specific skin care concerns (e.g. aging skin, dryness, acne/breakouts, redness/rosacea, or hormonal imbalances), plus a 60 minute Éminence facial at The Parkside Spa.


Detox Package

60 minute Initial Holistic Nutrition Consultation, a 30 minute follow up, a two-week personalized detoxifying cleanse protocol, and your choice of a 75 minute detoxifying massage or a 75 minute body wrap at The Parkside Spa.

- $245

Lifestyle Package

60 minute Initial Holistic Nutrition Consultation plus five (5) 30 minute Follow Up Sessions.

*Follow Ups must be used within six (6) months of Initial Consultation.

- $325

Request a Consultation

If you would like to reserve a consultation within 48 hours of your request, contact The Parkside Spa directly at 250.940.1217 or nutrition@parksidevictoria.com to check availability.

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